What is the MC3 Perinatal expansion?

MC3 has received funding through Governor Whitmer’s Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies to improve maternal health throughout Michigan. This funding will expand MC3 for the perinatal (pregnant moms) population with the highest risk by:

  • Expanding engagement of perinatal providers across Michigan in MC3 Perinatal and increasing enrollment of perinatal providers in southeast Michigan
  • Integrating High Touch, High Tech (HT2) Mommy Check-up App and access to additional specially trained regional Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs)
  • Supporting creation of a virtual, interactive perinatal toolkit including resources for both providers and patients

What is HT2?

High Touch, High Tech (HT2) is a collaborative program pairing technology-based screening and brief intervention for pregnant women (the Mommy Check-Up app; the ‘high tech’ part) with same-day access to virtual counseling and care coordination through remote behavioral health consultants (BHCs; the ‘high touch’ part).

  • High Tech. The Mommy Checkup is an easy-to-use mobile app available to any clinic providing care to pregnant mothers in Michigan. Prior to a new intake appointment, the app screens patients for behavioral health risks; those who screen positive are offered a brief motivational intervention that is provided directly by the app, and then are helped to get connected to services.
  • High Touch. The Mommy Checkup app can connect patients directly with the “High Touch” element of behavioral health services via tele-counseling, which can be provided either at home or in the waiting room.

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The Expansion Team

Photo of Dr. Maria Muzik

Maria Muzik, M.D., M.Sc.
MC3 Perinatal Director

Photo of Dr. Samantha Shaw

Samantha Shaw, M.D.
MC3 Perinatal Consulting Psychiatrist

photo of Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller, LMSW
Project Manager

Rena Menke, Ph.D., L.P., IMH-E
Lead Perinatal Behavioral Health Consultant

Photo of Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson, LMSW
Perinatal Behavioral Health Consultant

Photo of Celia Cuddeback

Celia Cuddeback, LMSW
Perinatal Behavioral Health Consultant

Photo of LaKenya Hill

LaKenya Hill, MA, TLLP
Perinatal Behavioral Health Consultant

Photo of Amy Scott

Amy Scott, LMSW, IMH-E
Perinatal Behavioral Health Consultant

Sandra Bitonti-Stewart, B.A.
Outreach Strategist

Photo of Jordan Charles

Jordan Charles, B.S.
Data Manager

Photo of Kendrea Kreer

Kendrea Kreer
Administrative Assistant