Consulting Psychiatrists

Sheila Marcus
Sheila Marcus, M.D.

Clinical Professor, Clinical Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Section, U-M Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Marcus is a Clinical Professor at the University of Michigan, Section Chief for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Co-Director of the Parent Child Relationship Clinic. Her areas of interest include integration of mental health treatment in primary care settings and she has provided screening, embedded and phone-based consultations to primary care physicians and obstetricians for the last 20 years. Dr. Marcus has explored intergenerational transmission of illness, gender issues in psychiatric illness, maternal child attachment and early-risk factors for childhood psychiatric illness, as well as the development of interventions to promote wellness in mothers and their children. Dr. Marcus completed her medical school, residency and child fellowship training at the University of Michigan.

Paresh Patel
Paresh Patel, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Associate Professor, U-M Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Patel is a Clinical Associate Professor at the U-M Department of Psychiatry, and a research investigator in the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute. His clinical interests include mood disorders, attention deficit disorder and psychopharmacology. His research interests include stress biology, genetics of psychiatric disorders, and animal models for understanding gene-environment interactions. Dr. Patel completed his internship, residency, and child psychiatry fellowship training at Stanford University. He completed medical school and received his doctoral degree at the University of Michigan.

Richard Dopp
Richard Dopp, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, U-M Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Dopp is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the U-M Department of Psychiatry. His research focuses on the relationships among physical activity, sleep and depression in adolescents, and his clinical interests include working with adolescents with depression. Dr. Dopp plays a pivotal role in the Child and Adolescent Section where he serves as Director of Medical Student Education. Dr. Dopp also works in the Mary A. Rackham Institute (MARI) where he serves as a Medical Consultant doing medication, evaluations and assessments and serves as part of their multidisciplinary team. Dr. Dopp studied psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. Following graduation, he taught young children with severe emotional problems and challenging family environments in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Dopp returned to the University of Michigan for medical school and chose to continue his training in both adult and child psychiatry in Ann Arbor.

Maria Muzik
Maria Muzik, M.D., M.Sc.

Associate Professor, U-M Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Muzik is an Associate Professor at the U-M Department of Psychiatry. She is a perinatal psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and is also certified in infant mental health and parenting interventions. She directs the University of Michigan's Women and Infants Mental Health Clinic, which supports mothers suffering from anxiety, trauma and depression during pregnancy and postpartum, and their infants or young children. She conducts research on the impact of trauma and mental illness in peripartum on mothers' functioning, parenting and children outcomes. Dr. Muzik also develops community-based interventions to treat maternal perinatal mental illness during pregnancy and postpartum in high-risk/disadvantaged contexts, and studies their effectiveness and implementation. Dr. Completed medical school at University of Vienna, Austria and her residency at the University of Michigan.

Kate Dimond Fitzgerald
Kate Dimond Fitzgerald, M.D.

Assistant Professor, U-M Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Fitzgerald is an Assistant Professor at the U-M Department of Psychiatry. Her clinical work is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of childhood anxiety, and is complemented by her functional neuroimaging research in pediatric obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Currently, she is studying how response to errors

Nasuh Malas
Nasuh Malas, M.D., MPH

Clinical Instructor, U-M Department of Psychiatry

Nasuh Malas is a Clinical Instructor at the U-M Department of Psychiatry. He is the current Director of the Pediatric Consult and Liaison Psychiatry Service at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital of the University of Michigan. His areas of clinical interest include somatoform disorders, delirium and other states of altered consciousness, motivational interviewing, and quality improvement. He obtained his medical school training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he also received a Master's in Public Health. He is a graduate of the Triple Board program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pediatrics/General Psychiatry/Child Psychiatry). He has a certificate from the Maternal Child Health Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program and is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.

Joanna Quigley
Joanna Quigley, M.D., FAAP

Clinical Assistant Professor, U-M Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Joanna Quigley is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the U-M Department of Psychiatry. Her research interests include advocacy training in residency, health care disparities, and maternal-child health. Her clinical interests include integration of behavioral health care into the primary care setting, psychosomatic medicine, mental health care for transgender youth, and substance use in the adolescent population. She spent three years on the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan. She attended medical school at the University of Nebraska and completed Triple Board Training (Pediatrics/Psychiatry/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) at the University of Kentucky. She has served on national committees with both the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dayna LePlatte
Dayna LePlatte, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. LePlatte is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the U-M Department of Psychiatry. She is currently working in the general Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, the Crisis Support Clinic, the Student Athlete Clinic, and the Ypsilanti Health Center Consultation Clinic. She has a longstanding interest in collaborative care and developing innovative interventions which engage patients at the family level. Her clinical and academic interests include early interventions (particularly post-partum interventions), mood disorders, anxiety, and PTSD. She completed medical school at Wayne State University, and her general psychiatry residency and child/adolescent fellowship training at the University of Michigan. She regularly teaches/mentors undergraduates, medical students, residents, and fellows.

Jeannette Lia Gaggino
Jeannette Lia Gaggino, M.D.

Pediatrician Lead, Kalamazoo, Rambling Road Pediatrics

Dr. Gaggino is a general pediatrician board certified in both pediatrics and adolescent medicine. She has been in practice for the past 27 years, and has a special interest in behavioral health integrated care. In 2015, she was appointed Medical Director of Behavioral Health Services for Bronson Medical Group in Kalamazoo, and in this role, works on initiatives related to collaborative care. Dr. Gaggino has been a consultant to the MC3 program since its inception, working to increase primary care physician awareness of the program, helping to implement statewide initiatives related to developmental screening, and advising on primary care practice concerns related to behavioral health. She is past president of the Michigan Chapter of the American Association of Pediatrics.

Administrative Staff

Jane Spinner, MSW,MBA is Project Officer for Strategic Initiatives at the University of Michigan Depression Center and Department of Psychiatry. In this position, she oversees the design, development, and implementation of major projects and initiatives that address the mental health needs of special populations, and helps translate clinical research advances in mental health to those in need in Michigan and nationally. Ms. Spinner has over 30 years of experience in the health care field, with a background as a clinician, health care business executive, and an entrepreneur. She has specific expertise in strategic marketing planning and center of excellence development for health care systems, physician groups, and corporations.

Anne Kramer, LMSW is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry and Depression Center. She has experience in implementing protocol-based research interventions involving adolescents and young adults at risk for suicidal behavior and suicide. Anne is the Program Manager for the Michigan Child Collaborative Care Program. Anne has considerable expertise in the development and oversight of behavioral health services for youth and families with a particular focus on community and school-based programs. Anne provides education and training on mental health and suicide to mental health professionals, teachers, parents and other community groups as well as graduate and undergraduate students. She is certified as an instructor of the competency-based curriculum for mental health professionals: Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk: Core Competencies for Mental Health Professionals (AMSR); safeTALK suicide alertness training for trainers and is a trainer consultant for Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST).

Erin Hughes-Krieger, LMSW is the Associate Program Manager for the MC3 program. She completed her B.A. from Hope College and her MSW from the University of Michigan focusing on interpersonal practice and mental health. Erin started her career with CMH in Detroit, Michigan, providing individual and group therapy for severely and persistently mentally ill consumers in the community. She then returned to the University of Michigan as a clinical social worker in the Department of Psychiatry M-DOCC program providing telephone-based depression management to primary care and OB/GYN patients. In 2012, Erin became the Social Work Coordinator of the M-DOCC program where she helped manage the expansion of the program across the University of Michigan Health System primary care and OB/GYN, and the expansion of the M-DOCC model in two communities in the state of Michigan including Hillsdale and Jackson. Her interests include integrated behavioral health in primary care, mental health access in rural and underserved communities and behavioral health screening in primary care and obstetrics.